At Acme we know 3 things are certain --

  1. Space is a limiting factor in most warehouses.

  2. You have special needs, perhaps size or weight requirements.

  3. You definitely want to save money!

Acme has the solution!

        At Acme, we know that to solve your space problems, you need to start thinking in CUBIC feet, instead of square feet.  Acme's PORTABLE STACKING RACKS allow you to do just that!  With our stacking racks, you are only limited by the capacity and height of the mast on your fork truck.  And because their portable, you can easily move them to anyplace in the building.

        Acme Racks are built specifically for your requirements.  We manufacture your racks to your specifications.  Sure... we have standard racks that are available to anyone, but many of our orders are for special needs -- AND WE DON'T CHARGE A PREMIUM FOR SPECIAL ORDERS!!!  (Check out our Order Information Sheet)

        Most importantly, we can save you $$$!  If you're buying from one or more of our competitors, it might just be that we made that product.  By ordering directly from us, you eliminate the middle man.  And, because of our new manufacturing facilities and experienced factory employees, we put the product out the door in less time, allowing us to sell for less.